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ricardo dominguez is a node in the zapatista network, a co-founder of the electronic disturbance theater (EDT), a senior editor for The Thing, a nettime-latino moderator, a fake worker for fakeshop.com, and an idrunners.net slave. He edited EDT's forthcoming book: *Hacktivism: network_art_activism.* (autonomedia.org Press, 2001).

Zapatistas http://www.ezln.org
EDT http://www.thing.net/~rdom/ecd/ecd.html
The Thing http://bbs.thing.net

Jennifer Crowe is an independent curator and, until very recently, the ArtBase Coordinator at Rhizome.org. Her work as a curator has focused on creating a critical dialogue about online/digital aesthetics and curatorial practice. She is the curator or "Protocol Prone," an online exhibition at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College that presented new and ongoing work from three artists/groups that examined the complexities of bringing online artwork into an institutional setting. Most recently, she curated "Technically Engaged" which features Yael Kanarek, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Diane Ludin, and Tina LaPorta (all members of the Verbal Group) at AIR Gallery in NYC. Jennifer has spoken about her curatorial work, Internet art, and online archives at various venues including Bard College, the American Museum of the Moving Image, the New School, and the Dutch Electronic Art Festival. She received her MA from the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College and BA from the University of California, San Diego. Tehcnically Engaged www.treasurecrumbs.com/te Protocol Prone www.artneteb.com/protocol Rhizome ArtBase www.rhizome.org/artbase

G.H. Hovagimyan is known for his pioneering work on the internet. He is one of the core members of artnetweb. His streamed video talk show, Art Dirt, the first artists talk show on the web, is now part of the Walker Art Centers digital studies archives. His performance works start with Punk Performance in the 1970's and continue to interactive web jamming in the 1990's. The robotic performance work, A "SoaPOPera for Laptops," created with Peter Sinclair won honors in the computer music category at the 1998 Ars Electronica festival. He's just returned from France where he participated in the Interferences exhibition. Selected Exhibitions - List Visual Arts Museum at M.I.T, Museum of Contemporary Art, Marseille, FR, Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon, FR, Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY, Performances/ Festivals - Ars Electronica '98, Les Musiques '98, Marseille, FR, Musiques en Scene '99, Lyon, FR, SVA Digital Salon 99, Les Nuits Savoureuse '99, Belfort, FR, Interferences 2000, Belfort, FR, Awards/ Honoraria - Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (program for Innovative Teaching and Learning), MTA Arts in Transit & Creative Time, CICV residency, Montbelliard, FR, Prix Ars Electronica '98 (honorable mention) Collections - Digital Studies Archives, Walker Art Center, Thing.net, artnetweb

Yael Kanarek is a media artist. She has been developing her project "World of Awe" for the past five years. "World of Awe" is based on a journal describing the adventures of a traveler in search of lost treasure. The latest version of the website was launched in July 2000. World of Awe versions 1995, 1997 and 2000 have been added to Rhizome's Artbase. Ms. Kanarek is a recipient of The Alternative Museum Digital Commission 2000, an artist-in-residence at Eyebeam Atelier and Harvestworks. She has been showing her online and offline work internationally. "World of Awe" has been included in festivals in Brazil, France, England, Germany and the USA. The "World of Awe" screen saver is available through "Refresh, the art of the screen saver" on artmuseum.net.

Kanarek actively promotes media art through her entity treasure/crumbs. She curated an online gallery for the theglobe.com and facilitates The Upgrade! A monthly gathering of net.artist & curators hosted by Eyebeam Atelier. Kanarek is the instigator of "Verbal," a media-performance s series.

Tina LaPorta is a media artist who lives and works in New York City. Her most recent work has been created specifically for the internet. She is currently a recipient of The Alternative Museum's 2000 Web Residency Commission. Her work is currently on exhibit in the "Technically Engaged" show at AIR Gallery, NYC and in the "Dystopia and Identity in the Age of Global Communications," exhibition at Tribes Gallery in NYC.

Distance http://turbulence.org/Works/Distance/
net.works + avatars http://heelstone.com/meridian/templates/laporta/
inter:view http://www.uta.edu/huma/enculturation/3_1/laporta/

Diane Ludin is an artist working with social ephemera, video, new media performance and hypertext. Some of her recent projects have been shown at the Swiss Institute in March of 2000 - Tenacity: (entitled;*reflesh the body* a touchable video project) , The World Views Residency Open Studios Program in the spring of 2000 (*Ephemera in four deposits*), a website commision by Turbulence titled: *Genetic Response System 3.0* and a commision of performance work *i_d_runners: re_flesh the body* presented by Franklin Furnace's Future of the Present 2000 series in September. Her collaborations include work with; Prema Murthy, Ricardo Dominguez, Francesca daRimini, Floating Point Unit, Fakeshop and The Electronic Disturbance Theater. She is also a reciepient of The Walker Art Center's Emerging Artist grant, 2001 for "Harvesting the Net: Memoryflesh".

Home Page: http://www.thing.net/~diane

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy live and work in New York City. They each received Masters of Fine Arts degrees from Rensselaer's integrated electronic arts program. Together they have created a body of work that engages in a conversation with automation. This conversation begins with their collaboration and extends to the viewer, often resulting ininteractive or self-authoring artwork.

McCoy's group exhibitions include "Greater New York" at the P.S.1 Center for Contemporary Art, "Tenacity" at the Swiss Institute of New York, "Subject to Sound" at The Rotunda Gallery, "The Art Entertainment Network" at the Walker Arts Center, "The Skin Game" at Smackmellon Studios, and "Tomorrow*s Home Today" at The Manchester Museum of Science as part of the ISEA festival. They have shown both performance works and installations at the Posmasters Gallery.Screenings and online works have been presented internationally at arts festivals in countries including Poland, Japan, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Holland. In 1999 they received the New York Foundation for the Arts grant in computer arts, a Jerome grant through the Walker Arts Center. and were artists in residence at the Worldviews program at the World Trade Center and Harvestworks Media Center. In 2000 they have received a commission to produce a web-based art project from The Alternative Museum in New York City. Articles about their work have appeared in Spin Magazine, Feed, and The Independent.


Robbin Murphy: BORN Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 1954 EDUCATION Fort Wright College of the Holy Names, Spokane, Washington, B.F.A. 1976 Indiana University, Bloomington, Graduate Painting Department 1977 New York University Graduate School, Museum Studies/Liberal Studies Program 1992-4

<i> i o l a </i> Rough Guide to the art of the net. Reactivated Summer 1997. http://artnetweb.com/iola/

HYPOMNEMATA A notebook, journal, studio, mental map. Started Summer 1997. http://artnetweb.com/iola/journal/

UNDERGROWTH Database of old journals. Input started Summer 1997. http://artnetweb.com/iola/journal/history/

Cary Peppermint is a varied-media artist who lives and works in New York. His work involves a broad conceptualist approach net.art that permeates a multitude of social networks within and beyond the internet. Peppermint often employs recombinant methods to new media technologies utilizing commercial sites and publications such as the New York Daily News, Ebay.com, Evite.com, and Mp3.com amongst others as carriers for the production and vitality of art and/or otherwise "restless culture". Peppermint's works comprise some of the first real-time performance art conducted over the internet including "The Mashed Potato Supper" and "Conductor Number One".


M. River (of MTAA)

SWM, seeks cup of coffee. Must come with milk and one sugar. That wonderfull blue Bodega, Greek styled, “ready to serv you”, paper cup is a definte plus. Please, decaf and speacilty house blends need not respond.


T.Whid (of MTAA) was born in Elyria, OH on March 31st, 1969. Elyria is just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. He studied art in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is fun when one is in college. It's like a small town of 18 - 24 year olds. Painting and illustration were T.Whid's main courses of study in college. T.Whid likes Hip-Hop, electronic, and rock music. But he's suspicious that attending loud concerts has permanently damaged his hearing.


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